Welcome! If you knew what you were missing...

Hello, potential soon-to-be Patron!

Patreon is a platform that was created by artists as a way to connect actively creative people (like me) with the folks (like you) who like to enjoy the kinds of art these creators make.

So, instead of slogging through ads on Youtube tirelessly trying to get 600,000 people to watch one of our creations only to get paid about $11 for the effort, the lovely people at Patreon have made a much simpler way:

If you like my music, sign up for my Patreon, and you'll have access to all that I've created thus far, and you'll be the first to see and hear from me when I make something new. In return, you pledge $1 for each new song that I release directly to my Patrons. It cuts out the moneymaking middlemen and let's you say "Hey, I like that song you wrote; Here's a dollar!"

I try to release a new song for my Patrons every weekend, so at most you'd pay $4 at the end of that month (You can also set a monthly cap on your pledge, so if you only want to pay $1/month no matter what, that's ok too). If I release nothing in that month, you'd pay nothing. This is a nice safeguard for when I'm on tour or away sick or on vacation, or sick on vacation or something—You only pay when I deliver!

I do hope you'll consider joining this special community of  like-minded people. They have at least one thing in common: One song and one dollar at a time, they're making it possible for me to write and record more songs—which is my dream.